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Most of Gail Sher's books published since 2002 are available from any bookseller. Click on a highlighted title below to order directly from Amazon.com. For complete downloadable texts, click on the Poetry button above.


Poetry, Zen, and the Linguistic Unconscious
(Night Crane Press, 2016)

One Continuous Mistake: Four Noble Truths for Writers
(Penguin 1999)

The Intuitive Writer: Listening to Your Own Voice
(Penguin 2002)

Writing the Fire: Yoga and the Art of Making Your Words Come Alive
(Bell Tower/Random House 2006)

From a Bakerís Kitchen
(20th Anniversary Edition: Marlowe & Co. 2004)


Pale Sky
(Night Crane Press, 2015)

Five Haiku Narratives
(Night Crane Press, 2015)

(Night Crane Press, 2015)

Sunny Day, Spring
(Night Crane Press, 2014)

Mingling the Threefold Sky
(Night Crane Press, 2013)

The Twelve Nidānas
(Night Crane Press, 2012)

Figures in Blue
(Night Crane Press, 2012)

The Bardo Books
(Night Crane Press, 2011)

White Bird
(Night Crane Press, 2010)

Mother's Warm Breath
(Night Crane Press, 2010)

The Tethering of Mind to Its Five Permanent Qualities
(Night Crane Press, 2009)

though actually it is the same earth
(Night Crane Press 2008)

The Haiku Masters: Four Poetic Diaries
(Night Crane Press 2008)

Who: A Licchavi
(Night Crane Press 2007)

(Night Crane Press 2007)

old dri's lament
(Night Crane Press 2007)

The Copper Pheasant Ceases Its Call
(Night Crane Press 2007)

East Wind Melts the Ice
(Night Crane Press 2007)

Watching Slow Flowers
(Night Crane Press 2006)

(Night Crane Press 2005)

(Night Crane Press 2004)

Once There Was Grass
(Night Crane Press 2004)

redwind daylong daylong
(Night Crane Press 2004)

Birds of Celtic Twilight: A Novel in Verse
(Night Crane Press 2004)

Look at that Dog all Dressed Out in Plum Blossoms
(Night Crane Press 2002)

The Moon of the Swaying Buds
(EdgeWork 2002)

Lines: The Life of a Laysan Albatross
(Night Crane Press 2002)

Fifty Jigsawed Bones
(Night Crane Press 2001)

Saffron Wings
(Night Crane Press 1998)

One bug ... one mouth ... snap! A Year in the Life of a Turtle
(Night Crane Press 1997)

(Rodent Press 1997)

(Rodent Press 1996)

Like a Crane at Night
(Night Crane Press 1996)

(Paradigm Press 1995)

(Little Dinosaur 1988)

Broke Aide
(Burning Deck 1985)

Rouge to Beak Having Me
(Moving Letters Press 1983)

(As) on things which (headpiece) touches the Moslem
(Square Zero Editions 1982)

From Another Point of View the Woman Seems to be Resting
(Trike Press 1982)



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